Graph complexes are simple to define and yet carry deep and subtle information that manifests all over mathematics, from motives over the integers to geometric group theory, and from moduli of curves to diffeomorphism groups of manifolds and infinite dimensional Lie algebras. This conference will bring together experts from vastly different perspectives with the hope of finding common ground and developing a shared understanding of the current state-of-the-art and the the most compelling directions for future research.

The intended nature of the talks, aimed at an audience with a broad range of different backgrounds, will make the meeting accessible and useful for graduate students and postdocs who may wish to use graph complexes in their research.


The the workshop will take place 9-13 September at the Department of Mathematics of The University of Manchester.



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We have limited funding available to cover travel and accommodation costs for PhD students. If you need funding to attend the workshop please indicate this in your registration email.


Sam Payne, Hendrik Süß